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  • Wristbands are widely used for admission control and identifying specific groups at your establishment.

  • Add security to your wristbands by customizing them with your company name or logo.



    The Wristband Man offers Direct Thermal wristbands in a variety of solid and stripe patterns.

    The Thermal wristbands are designed for you to print on demand with a direct thermal printer.  This allows the wristband to be customized at the point of sale and be unique for each client.

    Names, barcodes and more are able to be printed on these Thermal wristbands. 

    All the color options come with a white printable area that is 3.5" x .825".  You may also print on the colored part of the wristband.  

    The Thermal wristbands are compatible with Zebra printers and most other direct thermal printers.

    Bands are sold in either rolls of 250 (500 in a box) or stacks.