Solid Vinyl



The Wristband Man offers many different varieties of Vinyl wristbands.  

Vinyl wristbands are made of 3 layers of vinyl material, which makes them the strongest wristband on the market.  These wristbands can be worn for daily use, but can also last up to 2 weeks for those multi-day events.

A single use snap closure is what makes these wristbands secure.  In order to remove them they must be destroyed.

We also offer reusable snap closures, which can be used to take the wristband on and off.  Please contact us for more information on these wristbands.

The wristbands are shipped in sheets of 10, for easy tracking.  Each wristband has 11 holes to adjust the wristband to fit any size. 

Regular Vinyl Wristbands are available in 14 different colours and are available to ship same day.

Wide Face, Regular and Slim Vinyl Wristbands are available for different sizing and styles.

View our information sheets here: Wide Face Vinyl, Regular Vinyl & Slim Vinyl.