1" Tyvek® Litter Free



The Wristband Man offers many different styles of Tyvek® 1" wristbands.  Also referred to as paper wristbands, Tyvek® is a cost effective and secure way to identify customers at your event or establishment. 

Tyvek® is tear resistant and comfortable to wear.  Tyvek® wristbands are generally recommended for 1-2 day use.  They are often used as wrist tickets at concerts, festivals, waterparks, school trips, bars, nightclubs, bowling centers, roller skating centers, family fun centers, amusement parks, sporting events and more.

Our Tyvek® wristbands have a tamper-proof, single use, non-transferrable adhesive closure.  They are made secure with a special die cut adhesive which will shred upon removal of the wristband.  

All Tyvek® bracelets are sequentially numbered for easy audit control.

The Litter Free Tyvek® wristbands are available in 8 different solid colors.  These paper bracelets eliminate the waste and clean up of the adhesive tab paper.

Litter Free wristbands are available in sheets of 10 in a box of 500 or 1,000.

Need something you don't see - we offer custom Tyvek® Wristbands.  We can imprint them with your logo or text, barcoding, coupons - there are countless options available.  Please contact us to order.

Please view the information sheet here for Tyvek 1" Litter Free Wristbands.