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  • Wristbands are widely used for admission control and identifying specific groups at your establishment.

  • Add security to your wristbands by customizing them with your company name or logo.

  • How to use custom wristbands to increase profits and team up with other businesses.

    January 06, 2017 2 min read

    Do you want to make money from your custom wristband order and have another business pay for your wristbands? Here is an idea from our team at The Wristband Man:

    Are you a Family Fun Center, Bowling Center or Night Club? It actually doesn't matter what type of business you are in. Find a business type that is related to yours (eg: A Race Track might use a Tire Company or Auto Parts store, a Night Club might use a Pizza or Sub Restaurant) and partner with that business.  These complementary companies have advertising budgets and are always looking for new and innovative opportunities to advertise to their customers. So along with your logo and/or text, you can add the sponsors coupon on your wristband. The wristband must be worn within your company and the customer will look at it several times per hour. This is more noticeable than any other advertisement.


    10,000 wristbands with coupon ($5 off your next Pizza order over $15) cost to you is $388.

    You can present this opportunity to a Pizza Restaurant and recover $500 from them for advertising and a tidy profit of $112 plus of course your wristband order will be free.

    Lets say only 5% of these wristbands will be redeemed at $15 per order less $5 discount. That works out to be 500 orders @ $10 per order = $5,000 for an advertisement that cost them $500. Compare this to media advertising that is expensive and not easily trackable.

    You don't have to sell this to sponsors, you can simply present them with the idea and information above. The opportunity really sells itself.  

    Wouldn't you jump at the chance to innovative solutions for your customers?